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[18 Jun 13, 5:04pm]  Account Deleted: wtb vl calais interior trim
[04 Mar 13, 4:22pm]  Account Deleted: hey guys i need some pic and stuff has how i should do my seats door trims
[23 Oct 12, 12:21am]  Warnut: forgot all about this site.....
[23 Oct 12, 12:17am]  Warnut: huh?
[29 Aug 12, 4:43pm]  Adrian: Im looking for an injected 5ltr asap let me know if you or your mates have one for sale cheers
[16 Aug 12, 2:41am]  KANE: vl calais diff
[13 Aug 12, 2:59am]  Chris k: Hey guys just won't to now what to use and how to polish up original vl Calais rims ?? Cheers
[01 Jul 12, 2:21am]  radda22: looking for a computer for vl turbo
[29 Jun 12, 9:55pm]  Richo: Looking to sell my VL Calais new paint, car owes me over $6500. I am asking $3500.00. Brisbane
[14 Jun 12, 2:10am]  Wagz4sale: Non turbo vl wagon for sale , reco good paint no reg
[24 May 12, 11:35pm]  RTAJET: any1 have 1\4 window moulding Lhs Rhs willing 2 pay $$$$$ cash!!!!!!!!!!!
[19 May 12, 5:57am]  RTAJET: i need rear 1/4 window (LHS & RHS) moulding must be in good nik! need 4 show car asap! plz willing 2 PAY!!!!!
[10 May 12, 3:58am]  Mitch: Just brought my first VL Calais this week. Picking it up this weekend, will keep an update on my project.
[08 May 12, 8:10pm]  SIC355: seems no one uses this site any more, that blows............
[01 May 12, 5:59pm]  SIC355: has anyone got calais tail light garnish for sale? only need the corner pieces, but will get the 3pice set if available. cheers...


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