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09 Feb 12, 12:30am
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Anyone still use this forum?

Just thought I'd introduce myself and hopefuly get to know some locals with the same passion for Calais' as me and hopefully organise a cruise or something.
Currently I have an '88 VL Calais (real). She's gold over champagne (I think that's what they call it). The body is tidy but not imaculate. Interior is 99% imaculate which I'm proud of. I'm running an RB25T from a series 2 R33 skyline and gearbox from the same car but with all new gears from Nissan. An all new 28 spline 3:45 diff by difftrans. I'm running 11 pound of boost at the moment but that will be upped in the next year hopefully. I'm not about sound or aesthetics although I do appreciate a good looking car. I'm more about brute power and performance. I don't know exactly how much hp she has but I will know figures and will post them after I get a real dyno tune from walkinshaw performance.

Will post pictures as soon as I know how!