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Introduce Yourself

11 Mar 10, 6:00pm
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Posts: 32
Name: Travis.
Age: 17.
Car/s: VL Calais.
Intrests: Cars & Work.
Work/School: Apprentice Mechanic.
12 Mar 10, 2:37pm
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Calais Admin
Posts: 47
Name: Dave
Age: 21
Car: CV8 Monaro
Interests: Cars & Computers
Work/School: Computer Technician
12 Mar 10, 11:42pm
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Posts: 6
Name: Mike
Age: 34
Car/s: VLT wagon
Intrests: holdens,VLTs,drags,rugby,cruises,choclate,woman..........
Work: Dairy farm manager (850 cows)
22 Mar 10, 12:15am
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Posts: 13
Name: M3ZZA
Age: 20
Location: Shepparton, Victoria.
Interests: My mrs and my kids,cars,gym,skids,drags,drifts,piss ups :D
Work: Currently looking for work.
Car: Dont even want to mention what i drive :( Stupid family car.

About me: I joined up with the Original in 2007 and i was the first member to crack the 1000 post barrier. I love my Holdens especially the VL's. I have owned 5 Vl's in the past and now i plan for my 6th VL to be a VL turbo or Maybe a 5 litre VL. What else can i say i am a family man and i somehow ended up owning more then 20 cars since the age off 15.
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28 Mar 10, 9:37pm
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Posts: 3
name: Oscar
age: 17
location: New South Wales
school: Still in high school
msn: none
car: 88 VL exec
04 Apr 10, 2:03am
Posts: 5
Name: Josh
Age: 18 (almost 19)
Location: Adelaide
Work: Apprentice Boilermaker
Car: ATM VN Commodore, which i'm replacing with a VL soon!!!!
06 Apr 10, 3:15am
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Posts: 3
Name: Scott
Age: 23
Location: Perth
Work: Truck driver
Car: Vl turbo exc
07 Apr 10, 3:25am
Posts: 1
car:vl sl project
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29 Apr 10, 6:16pm
Posts: 2
name: josh
age: 20
location: canberra
work: security off and on should be back doing it full time soon
car: hopefully a VL wagon asap
14 May 10, 12:48am
Posts: 1
Name : Chris
Age : 23
Location : Melbourne
Car : VS stato V8 (daily) VLC Aero (show car)
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02 Jul 10, 9:21pm
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Hi I'm Oliver

I'm 29 from Perth.

I've owned 11 VL's over the last 11 years still got my first one a factory Calais Turbo, also have a HDT Nitron and a VL Wagon.
I've been around the VL scene for many years now and am moderator on one of the other VL sites. I was a member of this site previously.

Just joined up to have a look around and share my knowledge of VL's with anyone who needs some help.

03 Jul 10, 12:42am
Posts: 4
work:traffic controller/spray painter
car:in the build vlct
22 Jul 10, 3:41am
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Posts: 7
Name: Scott
Age: 21
Car: VR HSV Senator 215i 5.7l
"FRCF3D" '87 VL SL Turbo
Work: Auto Elec
Interests: Cars mainly

Thought its about time to start a new account on the now not so new site lol