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17 Jul 10, 1:00am
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my silver VLC has been stolen it has immobiliser so its a tow truck job... the car is not 2 tone and has been resprayed full silver... has the grey side skirts on it... has a VT S Pak exhauhst tip... is sitting on calais wheels with mag wheel nuts (so u cant fit the centre caps over the mag nuts)... has all the bits n peices on it probably not worth listing but may help!!
r32 manual gearbox - exceedy cluch box was recod so if u stick ur head under it almost looks brand new
v8 lsd w/3.45 gears
all original interior calais interior (greeny blue color) series 2... has jim beam seat covers
alloy radiatror...
blue silicon hose kit
no belt driven fan and has thermo
K&N Pod
Blue pace maker extractors slightly rusting
empty cataclic converter... like dead hollow
2.5 inch exhauhst from cat
sitting on yellow super low king springs all round
wood grain wheel with autotechnica horn badge
has got a procomp adjustable rev limiter were the ash tray usually is
number plate black over yellow BF-39-VI

if anyone sees underneath this car on the trailing arm bushes it has 1 genuine holden bush (black) and 1 nolthane (red).. also i lids lift up but dont go back down u have to wind em down.. at the bottem left of the front bar its cracked and has a couple of textile screws in their holding it together... top boot garnish has a little crack on the right hand side and is actully a VK Calais and the silver strip has been sprayed black u can also notice the boot key hole doesent line up the best.. also idles at 1500rpm for some reason... car was converted from auto to manual so it has the auto tps plug with the extra clip coming of it still... also still has inhibiter switch connected to the loom and is tucked up next to the wiper pump... has blue gates racing alternator belt and no ac belt... only putting all thease things down as it might just help that tiny little bit!!

was taken from the sutherland area of sydney!!
if anyone see's the car please be my hero and light it on fire!!! if i cant have it no one can!!!

ok so info from the neighbours car was seen outside at 10pm and was not their at 5.15am this morning... car also had some miscellanious things in it like nav man white DC shoes, receipts, i even think my rego papers were in their aswell.. had a 1000 dollar nitro rc car on the back seat, my engineering cert for 19's... had a spare auto computer on the back seat... so yer pretty ****ing devo right now!!!

also here are some pics of it... when it got stolen it didnt have the 19" wheels on it just had the calais stockies!!


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