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sound system

31 May 10, 8:56pm
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hey guys i just wanna know what sound system would be the best to get for my calais

my budget is about $800 max and i like bass so id need a good sub

if someone can let me know what brand n stuff is good or can list what speakers and amps and stuff i should get thatd be sweet

06 Jun 10, 3:10am
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get soundstream of fusion gear, and make sure you sound proove your boot these vl boots rattle badly with a punishment from a bassy system.
24 Jul 10, 4:38pm
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I would recon soundstream stuff would be pretty expensive wouldnt it?? I would probly lean towards Fusion if youve only got $800 to spend. Ive also found pioneer stuff to be pretty good and not to badly priced.
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