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Pumba's 5 speed VLCT

26 May 10, 3:12am
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well have a lot to write so may as well start at the beginning, car when i first bought it.

Name: Sean
Age: 19
Location: Adelaide, down south
Car: Holden
Model: VL Calais
Year: 1986
Colour: Silverslate
Body kit: Stock (missing calais skirts)
Engine: RB30E, 3 Litre
Exhaust: 2/12 inch catback with cannon (cannon going asap)
Trans: Converted, mf5
Diff: Stock
Brakes: Stock, Discs all round
Suspension: Lowered not heaps though
Wheels: Polished Calais mags

Has no Rust in usual spots, has all been fixed already, all bumpers were sprayed not to long ago all in mint condition except rear has some scratches.

Ok then the fun stuff started, already got rid of the cannon , car was lowered with king springs ultra lows all round.

Fav colour...

Mags, and rear end was tidied up, new tail lights and garnish, painted surrounds

Then the car was defected for being to low, motor had a whole heap of oil leaks and stuff so thought why not take it off the rd for the turbo conversion and tidy it all up and get it cleared with the turbo motor, so it begun.

Genuine A8 motor 170,000k

Motor freshened up all gaskets replaced, including head gasket, sump, rear main, etc.
new water pump, timing belt, engine mounts, all that stuff

VT brake upgrade

And that new interior

Getting there

Also replaced in the process was the manual box with a MX7 and brand new heavy duty clutch, 28 spline vlt lsd, tailshaft, all driveline.

So i was ready to go through regency, booked it in went down there, all went realy well got the turbo motor complied and all that but had some rust in one of the door jams. also the only bush's i didnt replace decided to shit them selves on the drive down there, rear lower trailing arm bushs had come away from the trailing arm it self. so got denied but no biggy was happy thats all i didnt get through for.

Got that stuff fixed and booked it in for regency again, before i went back through thought id run it up on the dyno at tafe, pulled 193rwkw on 10.5 pounds, turned the boost up to 12 and pulled 205rwkw and managed to blow the head gasket, due to a dodgy injector. so cancelled regency and back it came to take the head off again. `

So got that all replaced replaced the dodgy injector and booked for regency again, on my way to regency some one pulled out in front of me.....

This is how the car is currently sitting, accident wasnt my fault, have gone through the insurance and it looks like they will be paying for it to be fixed, $4600 the quote was. am waiting for final paper work as we speak then repairs start.

So thats my build so far lol am hanging to drive it properly but just seem to have really bad luck.

thanks, Sean

26 May 10, 5:08am
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Calais Admin
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G'day Sean, welcome to the forums.

Your car was mint, looked absolutely brilliant!

Hope to see pictures of it when it's back to it's former glory :D
26 May 10, 11:13pm
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Looks like a pretty good hit there, car looked really mint before that hit man. are you going to go with a layered gasket?. VT brake conversion looks all the goods man. get this beast back on the road asap dont let the insurance company play you round good luck.
27 May 10, 12:00am
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thanks guys, ive already replaced the gasket and i went with a genuine Nissan gasket. was think mls but everyone i spoke to said it would be overkill for what power im aiming for. well insurance company have agreed to pay for it to be fixed. am just waiting for the paper work to come through then it will be geting fixed som hopefully not much longer.
16 Jun 10, 1:19am
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28 Sep 11, 11:46pm
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very nice fella, the breake upgrade much hassell???