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Manual Conversion

05 Apr 10, 2:27am
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So I'm buying an auto VL SL and i want to convert it to manual.

Firstly, is this a job I can do in my shed or should I get it professionaly done?
How much is it going to be?

All help will be appreciated!!!
26 Apr 10, 11:25pm
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depends on how much you know! like if you are switched on with cars its not the hardest thing! but if your not better get it done by a pro but then you can be up for alot of money!
21 May 10, 11:52pm
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you could do this in your shed with the right lifts and tools would take 2 days i would rekon to do this job properlly, im attemping the same thing and my mate told me getting the pedal box in was his biggest difficulty. im replacing the engine at the same time so it will be attached to the gearbox.
06 Aug 10, 4:09am
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should take youa day max not too much effort to put in it worst bit is lining up the clutch if you dont have a dummyshaft.Drop your steering column to do your pedalbox will make it easier to install pedalbox
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